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In 1996, a group of Building professionals decide to figure out a new perception of their white-collar profession, with the aim of developing the intrinsic activities from the business point of view.

The course of time permitted us to place ourselves inside the construction sector as an enterprise of professional services, capable to attend the needs and demands of our customers and, at the same time fullfil our company objective to provide a technical service of high quality.
The multidisciplinary group of professionals concept is the one that permit us to suitable look after the services demand that currently requires the building sector, offering to our clients the development of all kind of works inside our actuation field:
Construction site management
Architecture and engineering projects
Comprehensive project management
Site health and safety coordination in construction
Technical assitance
Expertise reports
Our society is configured to carry out with the greatest quality and efficiency the different works that our clients trust us, that is why we have the number of professionals, technology and necessary equipment to deal with the technical services demanded.

One of the bases of our quality assurance policy is the professional training, because of that we contemplate to manage the knowledge gathered during the company's lifetime as it's application and expansion through the investigation and formation.

The continuous improvement of the process that we make for the works that our clients request involve the company landing in the research, development and innovation spaces inside the technical fields that their activities use as basis.
In these times, it is very important to create Strategic Alliances with another companies to get work synergies. Because of that, our enterprise has begun a partnership with Parotet Studio for all jobs related with top technologies.
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