18 years old

Back in 2014, Algescon Levante turned 18 years old, full of great projects and satisfactions. That was the reason why we wanted to share this video with all the companies and professionals that stayed with us all these years. We want to continue those partnerships many more years.
In 2013 we decided to change a bit the topic of our Christmas cards and we offered a mini game to easy the time till Holidays.
If you want to play it again, you just need to download it, extract it in the same folder and click for the exe. We hope you like it.

2013's Christmas game

Other Christmas cards

Back in 2006 we turned 10 years old and we wanted to make a little video to express the love for our work and to all the collegues that compose our team.
If you haven't see it yet or you don't remember it, here it is.

10 years old video

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